February 21, 2014

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Best birthday present he ever got We met on a friday night at the new college pub where i had gone to look for a lift home from friends after studying at the university of toronto library all day.She wondered what kind of nerd would bring a briefcase to a pub.Instant dislike, instant interest. Her name was susan.I went back the following week(Without the briefcase), hoping to see her again.She was there, hoping i would come back, too. We dated throughout the school year but, at the beginning of the summer, she broke up with me, fearing we were getting to close and should be seeing others.In september, we were back together but again, come the summer, she broke it off. Her family spent part of august in florida, where she met someone at the pool and became entranced with him. That september, i left to continue my studies in san francisco for four years.She went to st.Louis for a few days to see how serious she was about the guy from florida.We didn't really keep in touch that first year i was away. I thought it was over, especially considering the distance between us.When my year ended, i decided i would not even call her when i returned to toronto for the summer. I never got a chance to test that resolution. The lease on my apartment was up.I was packed for my return.The taxi was waiting downstairs for the trip to the airport.I took one last look around the apartment and, literally, had one foot out the door, with key in hand to lock up, when the phone rang. That was the phone at was supposed to have disconnected the day before. Of course, it was her.Of course, we agreed to see each other when i returned.How do you say no when you are on a phone that wasn't even supposed to be working?One minute more and i would have been gone. At the end of the summer, she surprised me one night by proposing.I was shocked and told her i had to think about it.I was a poor student, in school 4, 000 kilometres away for at least another three years.She said she loved me and she would wait. Two days later, we went for lunch at a restaurant at the village by the grange.Afterward, we sat outside.I got down on one knee and proposed to her.A little crowd gathered.She said yes. A threeyear engagement followed.She visited me when she Cheap Prom Dresses UK could.We shopped through half the jewellery stores in san francisco before we found matching wedding bands we both liked. I was only home in the summers.In my fourth year, i had clinical rotations through the summer and was not home at all.Our phone bills were high. We only wanted a small wedding of 90 people.The main sanctuary at our synagogue holds 1, 500 people.Ninety people might take up a row and a half.It would be a long walk down the aisle of a relatively empty room. We decided on the chapel, which was much smaller, and booked it for sunday, may 24, 1981, three weeks after my graduation.In december, we heard that the chapel was being redecorated but would be ready in time for the wedding.By the end of april, it still looked like it had been hit by an earthquake. There was no way it would be ready in time, despite assurances to the contrary.A quick decision followed.We would have the wedding outdoors but, in case of inclement weather, there would be no choice but to use the sanctuary. On the morning of may 24(My 26th birthday), it was overcast and drizzling.The outside area had already been set up and we decided to go ahead with it anyway.I waited for my bride in the aisle, where her father would give her away, and as she stepped out of the door from the synagogue, the more Mother of the Bride Dresses here drizzle stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was truly unbelievable.It was Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses perfect. The sun shone down upon her and made her even more beautiful.She said she was the best birthday present i would ever get.I couldn't argue with that. The rest of the wedding was uneventful, until the wedding night. We spent it at the harbour castle hotel, which, in those days, had a revolving restaurant what generally is considered to be a very romantic place.We went for dinner there and it didn't take long for her to feel very nauseated from the rotations.Of course, we had to leave. She went right to bed and did not feel better until the next morning, close to checkout time. Twentyfive years of happiness followed three great children whom i am prouder of than i can ever say, good friends, a marriage that was destined to last at least until our 60th anniversary and, we hoped, until our 70th or more. In 2006, susan started feeling ill.Tests were done.Oddly, the official diagnosis came on the afternoon of may 24, our 25th anniversary.Terminal stage 4 pancreatic cancer.She had maybe six months to live. We quickly organized a"For life"Party and invited our closest friends and family to help celebrate our wonderful 25 years together.

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